Saturday, April 27, 2013


Back in December (I know—ages ago), I created some scarves along with friends Julia and Leah. I thought it would be fun to show a little square of the pattern for the blue scarf (top), one of the original drawings for the scarf (middle). On the bottom is a doodle Julia and I drew that I then turned into a pattern, which helped lead to the idea to create the scarves.


  1. These scarf patterns are awesome!!

    I just listened to your interview on Your Dreams My Nightmares, and you mentioned and I was blown away! I had an email address at and really loved that site when I was a preteen girl (and very new to the internet and computers in general). I'm not sure if I ever came across anything you did specifically but either way, thanks for being involved!

  2. Hi Britt, Thanks so much for writing! It's nice to hear from women who remember gURL in its hayday. It blows my mind just how long ago that was. Ha!